Natalya Permyakova is a multi-media artist. She pours her multi-cultural background, spirituality and strong social views into her work. She lived and worked in Dubai, Amsterdam, London, Dublin and Seoul and draws inspiration from immersing herself in different cultures. Natalya likes experimenting with her subjects and mediums and her work spans painting, photography, video and multi-media projects. 
She studied visual art at the London Art Academy and works with mixed media including acrylics, oils, ink and watercolor. Her subjects vary, from vibrant stills to whimsical fauna and exposing self portraits. She draws creative inspiration from her favorite artists who include Frida Kahlo, Edward Hopper, Claude Monet, Francis Bacon and Mark Rothco. Her latest and ongoing project is a series of paintings 'Urban Souls'. This project is a series of paintings inspired by the works of american modernists, Edward Hopper in particular. It examines the effect of urbanization on our lives, with increasingly growing rates of isolation, anxiety and depression in large mega-polices such as London and Paris.
Natalya uses photography as a tool to question social norms, invite every day mindfulness and see the beauty in the ordinary and mundane. Her project 'Crying out loud' is a story based on her personal experience where she reveals the brutal and painful personal truth behind her seemingly happy and glamorous Instagram life on a quest to expose the realities of modern day social media craze. 'Shell life' is another photography project. It is a philosophical tale of the transience of existence, an invitation to contemplation, inspired by the seemingly ordinary objects - shells. 'Underfoot' is all about seeing the beauty in the ordinary, being mesmerized by the daily experiences and simply being present in the here and now. The project invites the viewer to reflect on how many incredible experiences and sights we often miss out on by being stuck in our busy minds.