Shell life


The other day I was at the beach. Like most days these days. As I was lying on my beach towel, I noticed a tiny shell. It was remarkably tiny and remarkably beautiful.


And as I was doing that, I contemplated about how many small beautiful things there are that we don't notice. 

Look at this tiny shell on top of my fingertip, isn't it remarkable?


Or this tiny fella...


Or this one. It's a piece of art if you look close enough.


But what I also realised is that all those shells are the remains of live creatures that do not exist anymore. 

And there were so many of them.


So many...

Which was a beautiful nature's reminder of impermanence. It is the law of nature. It is what it is and there is no point getting upset about it. 

Maybe try and live so that when you die you leave a beautiful trace behind. Just like sea creatures leaving millions of beautiful shells on the beach.

Shell life is a philosophical tale of the transience of existence, an invitation to contemplation, inspired by the seemingly ordinary objects - shells